Professional Microfilm Scanning

Professional Microfilm Scanning is essential for any organisation looking to digitise their microfilm archives or library, making them easier to access and store. We specialise in quality microfilm scanning with a team that can handle all formats of original microform. We can convert your 16mm/35mm roll film, aperture cards and microfiche jackets with ease.

Is Microfilm Scanning For You?

The microfilm scanning service will suit any organisation looking to upgrade their microfilm archives into a modern format that is far simpler to use as a backup solution. Microfilm can be difficult to view as well as print, therefore it is an ineffective means of storing and accessing data in the digital world.

Is Microfilm Scanning Covenient?

Furthermore, for added convenience, high quality microfilm can be processed using OCR technology which allows for the searching of key words or fields in the entire library, making data access even quicker.

Will Your Book Be Perserved?

The preservation of original books is vitally important as they can potentially hold information that simply cannot be lost and is typically the only copy the business has. If these originals were to be damaged or misplaced, it can have devastating consequences that would be difficult to recover from. Therefore, rather than risking a negative scenario, Our MicroFilm Scanning process can protect your information by converting it in a simple to use digital format. We can process books that can be as large as A3 in size, the splines can be split, or the books can be scanned without any damage to the originals.

Will It be Accessible?

Microfilm Scanning allow for drastically improved accessibility, making it easy to view books as they can be inspected in a shorter time frame. Utilising book scanning is an excellent method of providing disaster recovery assurances and improves the efficiency of your firm, saving time and money in the process.

How Does It Work?

Microfilm and book conversion will result in electronic imagery that has improved clarity and quality compared to the originals that they are using. The advantages of Microfilm Scanning are clear and that is why more and more businesses are utilising the process.

What To Do If You Have Questions?

Should you have any questions regarding our Microfilm Scanning service and how it could benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.