Commercial Document Scanning

Commercial document scanning can easily convert your company’s important paper documents into electronic versions that can be accessed conveniently in seconds. Our commercial document scanning service will preserve your archive of documents in a digital format that can be backed up to various locations. The process is highly cost effective as the space used for your physical archive can be freed for other uses and storing the documents electronically uses little space.

How does Commercial Scanning work?

Commercial document scanning begins with the collection of your physical document archive from your premises, which are then taken to our secure site, ready for the conversion process. Should you require any documents we have collected from you, we will promptly find the documents and send a scanned copy back to you. However, we can arrange for the hard copy to be returned as well. Following this, our professional team will organise, if necessary, the documents to make the scanning process simple and straightforward. The documents will be prepared, with any staples or paper clips being removed prior to scanning. Our commercial document scanning team will then scan the hard copies into a digital format, with thorough checks being made to ensure that the image is of the best quality and clarity. Digital documents will be indexed based on a selected index which can be specified by you, or simply selected based on what is most appropriate. Also, the documents can be scanned into a file format of your choice, such as PDF.

What Happens After They Are Scanned?

Upon completion of the scanning process, the digital files are returned to you via a highly secure process. The documents can be returned on a password-protected hard drive or can be hosted in a secure location online which only your company can access. As part of our commercial document scanning, we can destroy the original documents upon request and provide you with a certificate confirming their destruction. However, we can preserve them in a secure archive at our site if you wish to keep them.

How secure are The Documents?

As we specialise in commercial document scanning, your privacy is our concern. At each step of the process, your documents are kept secure in a facility that can only be accessed by staff that have clearance. Digital files are transferred using only secure methods with full encryption and password protection.

How is the Document Scanned?

Furthermore, scanned documents can be processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can automatically extract data from any document by reading handwriting or other forms of information present on the document.

What To Do If You Have Questions?

Furthermore, scanned documents can be processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can automatically extract data from any document by reading handwriting or other forms of information present on the document.

Document Scanning

Document scanning is an effective method of modernising your business’ workflow, allowing for efficient management of company documents. Mass document scanning consolidates your files into an easily accessible format that can lower your expenses as well as improving space management in your office. You company could benefit from the advantages of document and archive scanning, allowing you to keep your important documents without taking up precious space. Opting to digitise documents using our service will guarantee a quality result that will improve the efficiency of your business operations.

How Does It Work?

All scanned documents will be digitised using a highly sophisticated process that preserves the quality of the original document when it is scanned. Furthermore, your firm’s privacy is a priority for us and we guarantee that your archive is in the right hands. All data that is held by us is done so in compliance with European standards on data handling. When your original paper documents are sent to us, they will be kept for a pre-determined time after you receive the electronic versions – we will seek your permission for any destruction of original data. The documents you send to us will be kept safe until we have written permission to destroy them. All files are disposed via cross shredding before being recycled.

Will The Documents Be Safe?

Prior to the scanning of the documents, they will be professionally prepared where great care will be taken when repairing documents, including the removal of staples and unfolding. Any drawings within the file will be preserved in addition to the rest of the document, allowing for high resolution scanning.

How convenient is it?

In addition, when the archive has been scanned, each record will be indexed using a pre-agreed field. The PDF files will be organised using Optical Character Recognition which allows you to search through the electronic copies with ease. This ability is far more convenient in comparison with the searching of paper documents, improving your business workflow as a result.

How Is The Service?

Appropriate quality checks are made throughout the process to ensure the best possible service and to make sure all information is intact. Scanned documents are returned to you via an encrypted USB or Hard Drive, in person at an agreed date and time. We strive to provide the greatest possible service with our archive scanning solutions and will dedicate our time to making sure your company receives a satisfactory digital archive.

What To Do If You Have Any Questions

If you have any queries regarding document or archive scanning and how it could benefit your firm. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our professional team who will be happy to discuss your concerns or requirements.