Drawing Scanning

Drawing scanning is an effective means of preserving any drawings or plans that are in your company’s possession, converting drawings from any drawing material into an electronic form that saves space and improves efficiency. Archived drawings are typically very valuable to an organisation, losing them could negatively impact a company and its operations. Therefore, opting for the modern solution and storing them electronically can provide peace of mind as well as making them easier to store and access.

What Will We Do With Your Drawing Scanning Documents?

The drawing scanning service will take any of your company’s drawings and convert them into high quality electronic images that can be provided in JPG, PDF, BMP, and many more. Your original drawings will be treated with extreme care by a team of professionals that specialise in digitising drawings. When carrying out drawing scanning, the originals are scanned and enhanced. The digital versions will be cleaned up and de-speckled using software designed for this purpose if you request it, meaning that the converted images will look even better than the originals whilst maintaining their integrity.

What Is The Main Advantage of Drawing Scanning?

Furthermore, the main advantage of an electronic archive of drawings compared to a physical one is the space savings that can be made. Valuable office space can be freed should you wish to decide to digitise the drawings.

How Long Does Drawing Scanning Take?

Following the drawing scanning service, your newly created electronic images will be available immediately. They can be easily viewed, printed and saved from a computer. The privacy of your business is our priority and everything that we store is password protected and encrypted, only the relevant and authorised staff can access the data.

What If You Have Any Questions?

Should you wish to know more about our drawing scanning service and how it could benefit your firm. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team and we will gladly assist you with your enquiries